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J. Michell Robinson, Wealth Strategist, Visits Lady Tiffany Nicole on Walk By P.H.A.I.T.H. Podcast

If you're serious about building wealth for you and your family, you need a solid plan. J. Michell Robinson, a.k.a., The Wealth Strategist is an expert at helping aspiring wealth builders strategize their way to wealth and she has helped hundreds do just that. As a Wealth Strategist, she works closely with clients to understand their unique financial goals and objectives to develop customized wealth strategies tailored to their specific needs.

J. Michell Robinson, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at Sound Transit and Owner of Just Here to Help, LLC

Throughout her career, she has honed and applied broad expertise in Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO), Civil Rights, Title VI, and DBE/Small Business - all to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the organizations and communities she serves.

Robinson also owns Just Here to Help LLC which is a financial services firm dedicated to closing the racial wealth gap. The mission is to bring wealth and value to the world, through comprehensive wealth management services to individuals and families of color, with a focus on building generational wealth through strategic planning and investment strategies. Ultimately, her mission is to help other understand that building wealth is a process that requires a holistic approach to financial planning, including investments, retirement planning, tax planning, and estate planning. She also hosts a podcasts called Money Monday where she offers individuals and business owners financial strategies to build wealth. You can connect with Robinson on Instagram, or Facebook to find out more about her podcast, business services, and how she may be able to help you strategize your way to wealth.

The Walk by P.H.A.I.T.H. Podcast is hosted by Lady Tiffany Nicole and airs every Monday at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. on She delivers insightful and engaging guest interviews with entrepreneurs offering their testimonials about their individual walks of P.H.A.I.T.H. (Prayer, Hard work And Integrity Tenacity and Hope), their triumphs and the lessons learned through their ultimate perseverance.

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