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Antwon Fox-Mitchell Visits "The Comeback" Podcast with Brittney B. to Share his Comeback Story

Updated: Feb 5

An advocate on the frontlines for all issues important to black people weather it’s health, wealth, relationships, our history & our future. A researcher, Antwon is someone who is always wanting to learn more and be better than he was yesterday. He is a devoted father of three and a successful digital entrepreneur, investor, and financial educator as well as a Blue-collar worker specializing in foreign car paint correction.

Antwon Fox-Mitchell, Entrepreneur & Financial Educator

"Making money is an action, saving money is a behavior but growing money is wisdom," he said when asked to surmise his ultimate lessons in wealth building.

At his core, Mitchell is a simple man with a simple philosophy about investing and saving that he teaches others on his mission to help black people build wealth. Coming from a space of sheer survival working 10 hours a day, catching the bus everyday and walking two hours to get home after getting off the bus, Mitchell has paid his dues and survived the trenches and emerged a sage of financial wisdom on the other side. Connect with Antwon on facebook at and on Instagram at

Behind the scenes of The Comeback podcast with Brittney B. at the New Black Wall Street Radio
Brittney B. interviews Antwon Fox-Mitchel on the Comeback Podcast

The Come Back Podcast, hosted by Brittney B., airs every Thursday at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., EST on Brittney B., experienced media personality and first podcast host on the NBWSM radio. You can also connect with Brittney B. on Instagram.

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