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Author and Speaker, Dr. DaShaundra Turner, Talks with Brittny B. on The Comeback Podcast

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Owner and founder of D Global Partners Consulting, LLC and Dr. D International, Dr. DaShaunda Turner AKA Dr. D, is a transformational woman leader and coach who thrives on her passion to develop successful businesses and individuals. She is the epitome of a true leader and mentor in organizations and communities.

Dr. DaShaundra Turner talks with Brittny B. to discuss business, life and her ultimate success comeback.
Dr. DaShaundra Turner, Owner of D Global Partners Consulting, LLC

Dr. D is an author, motivational speaker, college instructor, and business strategist with over 17 years of expertise in human resources, operations, organizational development, leadership, talent development, and training and development, offering a real-world experience to help organizations flourish. She focus her gifts towards helping early-stage solopreneurs grow their business without the hassle of the hustle so that they can build their bottom line without burnout.

Dr. D’s results-driven attitude and commitment to measured success will help you define your goals, enhance your sales and marketing skills, recognize human capital as an essential part of success, and empower you to follow through with action to maximize current resources to position your company for growth and reaching your business and revenue potential. She has specialized expertise in business growth strategic planning, strategic human resource management, performance management, employee relations, organizational development, and leadership training & development.

Dr. DaShaunda’s educational credentials include: Doctorate of Business Administration – International Business, Master’s of Business Administration Degree in Human Resources Management, Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management, National membership of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), National membership of the American Management Association (AMA), Jack Welch Management Institute Certified Associate Professor of Leadership Member of Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants.

More importantly, Dr. D’s top values are authenticity and transformation. She believes that if she doesn’t express her unique value, she will hinder the impact she desires to make in the lives of her clients, ultimately negatively impacting revenue potential and credibility. Working with her is an experience where creativity, authenticity, and profitability abounds. Living and breathing these values has made her one of the top experts and coaches in the industry for those seeking to simultaneously make substantial impact and income. Connect with Dr, D on Facebook or LinkedIn and learn more about this dynamic leader.

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