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Shynna McCown Mitchell, BME Properties Founder, Talks with Brittney B. on The Comeback Podcast

Mitchell shares her passion for financial education and secrets for success

Shynna McCown Mitchell a.k.a. The Financial Fanatic is passionate about educating others on financial wealth and growth, including the benefits of owning real estate. Mitchell learned about the importance of wealth and ownership growing up in New Haven, CT while watching her father grow and build his nightclub and multi-family units with the help of her mother.

Shynna McCown Mitchell is being interviewed by Brittny B. on The Comeback Podcast
Shyna McCown Mitchell, Founder of Wealth is a Mindset & BME Properties

Mitchell would watch the accountant visit every Saturday morning to go over the books. In addition, she and her siblings would help her father with deliveries and maintaining the properties. Entrepreneurship was in her blood. After moving to Atlanta in her mid-twenties, she began to focus on Financial and Business Empowerment.

As a six-figure earner, the Founder of BME Properties, Author of Wealth is a Mind$et, Speaker, Realtor/Investor, Financial & Business Empowerment Coach, she has tailored a powerful movement dedicated to empowering others around the world to recondition their mindsets to realize that Wealth is a Mindset!

Although she has achieved great strides in business and she has more to come, Mitchell is no stranger to hardship. She struggled to run a business, be a mother and a wife, and maintain her multiple streams of income. However, she persevered through financial struggle and failed marriages, and was determined to share her voice, vision and victory to financial empowerment. She is also a charitable mentor, as well as a fanatical, and visionary leader. She is a member of the Women Speakers Association and Atlanta's Urban Profession.

Her experience and knowledge gained over the years has afforded her many opportunities to be invited as a special guest on numerous radio shows, speak at events, host workshops, seminars, and work with charitable organizations in different communities worldwide.

As The Financial Fanatic, Mitchell believes that with her Empowerment you will begin to love your financial relationship. Shynna resides in Atlanta, GA with family. Find out more about Shynna McCown Mitchell, her workshops and book on Instagram

The Come Back Podcast, hosted by Brittney B., airs every Thursday at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., EST on Brittney B., experienced media personality and first podcast host on the NBWSM radio brings insightful interviews with entrepreneurs with the goal of providing others inspiration through the testimonials of others who have overcome major setbacks and created successful Comebacks.

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